We had a great gig last night.  Zeb Maffei sat in on organ, and his abilities really helped us loosen up and get funky.  Bobby Z was in Burlington VT for his daughter’s graduation, so Zeb jumped in and we went old school – back and forths between me and him during jams, and the organ really rounded the sound.

I’d love to see what a jam would sound like with Z on piano and Zeb on organ.  Gonna have to make that happen.

Great crowd, and the venue is one of the easiest out there to deal with from a business perspective.  Ben gets it, having been in the life.  We’re hobbyists, so it’s not really about the money, but to make the business aspect as smooth as Beer Tree does is greatly appreciated by guys like me.

Overall, I’d give the gig 4 of 5 stars – there were some mistakes on our (mostly my) part, hit a couple lemons and couldn’t find my groove at first on a couple songs.


Preston nailed Creep.  Best I’ve heard him do it.

Tina did a great job on I’d Rather Go Blind


Proud Mary – need to practice it this week.

Next Gig:

Strawberry Festival, 6/15 @ 3PM – Ryan Marchewka sitting in on bass.


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